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We, at SIBOL (pronounced - CY-BOL) have established the infrastructure to enable you to run a full (ERP) business application via the internet.

What makes SIBOL so attractive to businesses?

  • Firstly, The cost! SIBOL is a high end application available via the internet at a fraction of the cost of traditional software applications. These costs, including hardware and communications, could be anything from $20 000 to $200 000 or more depending on the number of modules chosen and number of geographic locations you want to link as opposed to SIBOLís solution at $50 - $75 per month per user with no capital cost.
  • Secondly, The ease at which one can link remote offices, distribution points, manufacturing facilities etc. to your head office computer and finance departments.
  • Thirdly, You have real time access to your businesses anywhere in the world and can therefore make better business decisions based on an interactive on-line view.