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There are no up-front costs for software. There is a one off connection fee, plus a monthly fee per concurrent user. You may have 50 PCís in your business, however, only 40 users require access to the system and hence you have only to pay for 40 users.

The cost structure is simple and is as follows:

  • You pay a one off connection fee of $60 per concurrent user.
  • You pay a monthly fee per concurrent user of $50 - $75 depending on the number of users and the country in which you operate and this price gives you access to all the modules.
  • Training and consultation fees are charged at normal industry rates and will depend on the extent of your application.
  • The costs of personalised software modifications are quoted on application, if required.
  • The costs of having your own dedicated server at SIBOLís ISP will be provided on request.
  • We use your existing internet infrastructure to run the application irrespective of the ISP or mixture of ISPís you are using. If you do not have an existing ISP, you would need to acquire this service yourself, alternatively SIBOLís staff can assist you and put you on the right track.

SIBOLís host software, therefore, is suitable for the smallest to very large businesses that can be applied from 1 to 300 users/terminals.

It is not possible to give an example of a typical installation cost as SIBOL is suitable for small businesses with a single user to large companies with 200 users and multiple branches. In most instances we shall use your current internet communication to run the application.

All costs are in US$ and are subject to local taxes. Fees are payable in local currency unless prior arrangements are made to the contrary.