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Q: How secure is my data on your ISPís server?

A: It is as secure as if you had your own server. The normal password controls apply, plus there are firewalls to deter/prevent illegal access to your data. One big advantage of SIBOL is the fact that we back up your data daily on to a remote server.

Q: Are there any additional costs if and when you upgrade your software or introduce new modules?

A: No, you automatically have access to changes and additions.

Q: What are the response times if one takes the basic access which is dial up via a 56K modem?

A: Our experience to-date has shown it to be very good and certainly acceptable from a user point of view. This may, however, vary from region to region and country to country and hence, one would need to evaluate each set of circumstances and maybe upgrade communications to meet user needs.

Q: What is the contract period?

A: Your SIBOL contract may be terminated at any time subject to a calendar monthís notice, i.e. 30 day notice period.

Q: You refer to SIBOL as a high end application. How big does a business have to be to justify implementing it?

A: SIBOL can accommodate a business with up to 400 users and can handle multi branches/facilities as well as multi companies within a single enterprise. It can also be used by a business with a single user who would obviously only utilise a selected few modules. An indication of the flexibility of SIBOL is the fact that we have a large company that uses opposition software but who has opted to use our Asset Management module only, because it is a powerful and comprehensive module, and therefore they are, from our perspective, a single user.

Q: I assume the software you use is tried and tested and is not something completely new.

A: Most definitely. Our Host Software has been used by several companies for many years. It is robust and also very user friendly, which are key factors when launching a product like SIBOL.

Q: How can you provide a full ERP application for so little?

A: A good question. In fact the low cost does, on occasion, work against us as people cannot understand how we can offer a package with savings of $100 000 and more.

  • Firstly, the system has proven, over the years, to be robust and hence requires low maintenance. The Interactive Help Desk plus the fact that we can access your system to identify problems, plus the fact that we can affect software changes via the internet, enables us to resolve problems without having to visit your site. This impacts on the level of support we require to still ensure you receive top service.
  • Secondly, because of the large savings achieved by using SIBOL , we have encouraged businesses to spend a little more on training, which results in fewer calls for assistance and more importantly ensure that businesses get the most out of the system.

Q: Can I import my existing data in to SIBOL?

A: YES, provided the data can be put in to a plain text file.